Friday, July 29, 2011

Making plans is a waste of time

In my last post I mentioned how I was ready to battle the hottest week of the summer being very pregnant. Well, wouldn't ya know it? You make plans and then God changes them for you. I was all content to wait for this baby past my due date. I was doing my best to enjoy the last weeks of having just one child. Lo and behold, however, I got quite a wonderful surprise.

Monday, July 18th my water broke at 10:40pm. At 8:34am on Tuesday, July 19th my beautiful baby boy was born. Everything went very well and he is a very healthy boy. Praise God!

Isn't that just how life goes? I find that it's when I feel fully content, surprises come and things change. I can impatiently ask for things to change but they never seem to on my time. It's only when I throw my hands in the air and admit that I am not the one in control of the universe that the craziest things happen.

I'm not trying to say that we can't change things in this world just by doing. There are many things that change because people take the initiative to change them. I'm talking about things that we wouldn't have ANY control over no matter what, things like the weather or babies coming.

Well, I can't control the weather and I definitely did not guess my baby would come eight days early, but looking back I am floored (can't believe I used that phrase) at how the timing of everything worked out perfectly. So if you think you're in complete control of your life, sorry to tell you that you're not. You still disagree with me? That's fine. It's not my goal to convince you, someone else will do that for me :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can you beat the heat?

This is the stuff legends are made of. This is what separates the boys from the men. The survival of the fittest, natural selection. This is my Everest. This... is... the hottest week of the summer being 38/39 weeks pregnant. You dare to read on?

Don't give me this "stuck on desert island being filmed for Survivor" stuff. This is real life. I am about to attempt to make it through a week where the temperatures are set to reach the 90's with dew points in the 80's. This makes the heat index well into the 100's. As I tweeted earlier, I think I saw a fish swimming past our front door.

Heat like this normally would only be a small challenge for me. Back in the day, I worked outside all summer long. I loved it. The heat didn't bother me. In fact, going into AC would almost be too cold for me to handle. I miss those days. Now, I sit on the couch with a heat producing toddler asleep upstairs and a little furnace inside of me, not letting me know when he'll come out.

Those of you fellow parents know that little boys like to spend time outside, and parents like their boys to spend time outside. They play better, they sleep better, and everyone is happier. So how am I going to explain to a two year old that although the sun is shining, we can not go outside? I could just send him out to discover for himself but he does not hold the logical capability to come back in when he starts to get too warm. This is why there are parents in the world.

Now lets not forget about the fact that I resemble a beached whale more than a human being these days. I do my best to stay up and active but my little furnace keeps forcing me down. Normally I would fight my way back up but my swollen feet and hands have me wishing for more time to lay down. My poor sandals are wondering why I keep forcing my large feet to fit into their straps. They may not survive through the summer.

Well, tomorrow starts the war. We'll see how the battle of Monday goes. Will the heat win? Will I win against my boy? Will the television and Sesame Street win? Will baby #2 surprise us all and win? It'll be a tough one. I'll need lots of different strategy to pull this one off, and then I'll regroup and see what I have left for the battle of Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Friday, July 15, 2011

So typical

I haven't written for a bit. Not much has been happening around here lately besides getting ready for baby #2. I don't party every weekend. I don't travel the world. I don't have huge gatherings that I'm hosting. I'm leading a pretty simple life right now. By choice? Yes and no. I normally like to stay busy with a good balance of things but these days have brought me to a slowed down lifestyle.

So what is my typical day right now? Get ready for the most exciting post you will ever read. (sarcasm there if ya didn't catch that) Here we go.

6:30 am ish wake up time depending on when the toddler gets up
7:00 breakfast/shower/ start getting ready
8:00 husband leaves for work
8- 9:30ish son actually plays well by himself while I get some housework done
10:00 - 11:00ish run errands or go to a park, basically get out of the house
11:30/noon lunch
1:00-3:00 nap time, the angels sing while I rest or get more house work done
3:00 the angels stop singing and the countdown begins
3:15 I check the clock while "playing" with a boy who doesn't usually wake up too well
3:30 I wonder how to entertain a toddler without turning on the television
3:45 I pray my husband isn't late from work
4:00 I start looking for his car
4:15 Husband usually gets home 
4:16 I talk his hear off
4:30 I finally take a breath from talking to let my husband relax
5:00 start supper
5:30 eat supper
6:00 family time of various activities
7:00 settle down time
7:30 bath and bed time for toddler
8:00 relax time with husband
10:00 bed time

There you go. My exciting life. The life of a SAHM. (Stay at home mom) Now, every day isn't the same. I have moms groups and other activities we attend. I get together with friends occasionally. But this is my job. It's not 9-5. I don't get paid vacation. I wouldn't change it for anything...except maybe a few more vacation days for my husband :) This is my life until baby #2 comes and changes everything.

I'm sure there are those of you who completely understand what I'm talking about. Those of you who also lead the structured life of a SAHM. To those of you, I nod and smile as you know what I'm talking about. I also know that there are those of you who think I'm nuts. Those of you who think only crazy people could lead such a boring life, giving up their "identity" to raise kids. To those of you, I smile and nod as well. It doesn't pay to get mad or try to explain myself. Anger does not make the world go round.

So I wait. I wait for this baby. I wait for tomorrow. I wait for whatever comes in my future. I have no other choice but to wait, to wait and pray and live my structured little life.

Sorry for more of a blah post today. I'm hoping for a more exciting one in the near future. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have an itch

I caught the bug. No, no the black spider that lives in our basement. I caught a much more dangerous bug. The home decorating and improvement bug. (insert high pitch scream) It hit me and it hit me hard.

Blame this bug on the fact that I may be "nesting" as they put it. I feel the need to clean, organize, and decorate everything in our house. Not that I am, mind you, I just feel the need to. Blame the fact that I have always loved to decorate and organize my room/house. Blame the fact that it drives me crazy when our house is a mess. I don't know, but I do know that I want to take a shopping trip to Menards and Hobby Lobby to cure this disease.

Sadly, the cure for this disease involves two things that I am short on. Time and money. I feel like I could get a lot done right now but soon my world will be turned upside down for a while. Although, I'm feeling optimistic today and I want to say that even with baby #2 on the way I could still do some small projects after I recover from delivery and everything. So although time will be a challenge I don't see it as a complete road block.

So now about the money. Shoot. I would LOVE to go on a shopping spree and buy an actual matching bedroom set for us or beautiful paintings to put on our large white walls. I would even be thrifty to find a nice patio set for our deck but even thrifty shopping requires some money. We're not broke or living in poverty but our current budget doesn't exactly have the flexibility that I am dreaming of for this sort of shopping spree. Getting another job is way out of the question at the moment. My #1 job is raising my children right now. That's worth way more than a nicely decorated house.

So what can I do? How will I ever be cured of this bug? Thankfully, I have a medicine that takes longer to act but is just as effective as the real thing. Growing up, I watched my mom "suffer" with the same disease. She, however, learned to work with what she had. She became and still is very good at rearranging the same thing six times before she finds the PERFECT way it should be. She is good at using things that are free from nature to decorate. Not even Martha Stewart could arrange a vase of sticks to make it look the way my mom does. Then, slowly over time, she would accumulate new things as the money came in. Now, their house is beautiful and she doesn't have little kids anymore to destroy it :)

So I too shall take this medicine. I will work with what I have. I will be on the look out for things that are free or super cheap. I will take my time to make things the exact way I want. Perhaps, by the time my children are old enough to know not to put that picture frame in their mouth, my house will look like a picture from a magazine.