Monday, June 27, 2011

The Honey Man

I'm back! I took a long weekend off from blogging as my husband and I were traveling but now it's back to the daily grind. Lucky for me, the weekend gave me some more ideas for posts. Today's post is dedicated to The Honey Man.

This past weekend my mom and I were able to visit our favorite farmer's market. It's right on Lake Michigan by the harbor. The weather was beautiful and everyone was in a good mood. We walked past all the different stands of fresh vegetables, herbs, bakeries, cheeses, salsas, etc... We walked up to the stand of The Honey Man.

The Honey Man looks just like how you'd imagine a honey man to look. He's older with white hair and a white beard. He wears glasses that you can only find in the grandpa section of a glasses store. He round, jolly, and has an accent that we're not quite sure of. It could be German but we're not positive. He wears a yellow apron to match his honey and sometimes wears a black hat that once again only grandpa's can pull off. He makes you smile when you see him.

My mom approached the honey stand with the purpose of buying a jar of honey along with some bees wax candles. I came along to admire all the different items on the stand. The Honey Man was more than happy to help my mom out with her purchase and joked around that he'd "lend" her some money to buy more. It was a typical and pleasant encounter at the farmer's market, but when he began talking to me, he made my day a little extra special.

It's quite obvious that I'm very pregnant. I am just entering my 9th month of this pregnancy. I often feel the stares of people as I walk by. I'm not sure if they've never seen a pregnant woman before or if we're just a more rare breed to find these days. Anyway, the fact that he noticed my expanding belly was no big surprise. What he did next, was.

The Honey Man looked at me, smiled, and said that he had something special for me. He reached into his basket of candies for sale and handed me a bag. Then he told me this. "These are for you, to celebrate your new child. Children are one of the greatest blessings that God gives and you will be very happy because of them. May God bless you and your little one."

Wow. Did that just happen? Did someone just say something 100% positive to me about the fact that I'm having children? Where was the sarcastic remark? Where was the look of "why in the world would you want children"? I didn't doubt his sincerity for a second, but how sad that it surprise me so much.

Oh society, how many things are wrong with you? Let me count the ways. Well, I wont count the ways but I will say that something is wrong when children are considered one of the lowest blessings you can have on this earth. I wont get into why that is because then I'd be writing for a week. It's no secret that money, looks, cars, one's individuality, and so on are held on pedestals. It's all about me me me in today's world. Again, that's no secret. But thank you to "The Honey Men/Women" out there. Those of you who understand that there's more to life than the vain things and especially to those of you who aren't afraid to say it. Don't let the outspoken people silence you. Don't be afraid to say positive things to people and to encourage them. Your comments are appreciated.

Thank you, Honey Man. Thank you for your blessing and thank you for the candies :)

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